Friday, February 14, 2014

Harder than I thought


It's harder than I thought
Now that I've applied the pressure
I got a little hot
A little feverish
No, not tonight, sorry
I don't feel well
I can't find the time in-between
to mean what I want to mean
with these words

My time is thick
How can I get out from under it?

A good friend says
"Make it a sketchbook
And then share it later
It's hard to produce
When all the pressure
is on you"
It's true
wise words
wise woman

My broken tea kettle
is not going to whistle
if I don't fix it first

Or maybe
if I just set it on the heat
creep away
and eat
a hard-boiled egg
(protein is always good for breakfast)
suddenly it will whistle
loud enough
to wake the whole house

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