About all this

Hi, I'm Mindy.

I'm turning thirty in June. My twenties have been a wild ride. I'm quite frankly glad to say goodbye to the whole blasted decade. Well, not exactly true. A lot of wonderful things have happened, actually. Also, a lot of terrifying things, too. I've taken up with songwriting and music. I learned to play the banjo and the fiddle. I learned  I mostly overcame anorexia. I realized in fits and starts that no I am not an actor and that's actually great, thank you very much. I fell in love and and then broke up with my first love. I fell in love again. I got insomnia. I wrote a one-woman show. I moved to Portland then later,  I moved the Berkeley. I moved further into being an artist.

Now here I am, on many brinks all at once. I'm gathering what I know to move off into more of what I don't. I hope I'll be a bit more prepared this time. I'm blessed to have wonderful friends and enough to eat and the opportunity to keep pursuing what I love to do.

I'm embarking on this journey, this 30 songs by 30 project to stoke my creative wood-fired oven. The embers are still glowing but its gotten a little dry in there. This is a way to give myself a platform for newness. New work! That doesn't depend on anyone else but me.

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