Monday, October 13, 2014

(15) I Plan Too Much

Everything I thought I knew
None of it is coming true
And it isn't anyone's fault
ohhhh but it hurts

You won't wear a bridesmaid dress
The wedding plans are a mess
I thought I had a plan
Had one since we were ten
My visions and expectations are upside down
What are they worth, now?

I know I plan too much

But all the pinky swears and  promises
the double dares and daring plans
Was none of it real?
I'm trying to understand

All the dreams we whispered on the trampoline
Remember when we were giggling
high up there on on your round rope swing
then we found the fairy colony
in that tree stump in the aspen trees?

I know I plan too much

I don't need you in the wedding
I don't need a wedding at all
I am strong and independent
I'll let those old traditions fall
I'm writing my own story
You're writing your own too
I'm glad for your new baby
she'll need you more than I do

Those gold friendship necklaces we wore
were cracked apart
Your piece joined to mine
we were perfectly designed
for that time
Our friendship will always
live deep down in my heart

I know I plan too much

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