Wednesday, March 26, 2014

(4) The Mountain

Hello Listeners,

I'm writing you from a little town close to Santa Cruz, called Felton. We are staying with friends for a few days while we record some songs for our upcoming album. It feels like a magical fairy retreat, the tall trees spiraled with little white lights and dark wood rafters on the ceiling. Our host made us a salad the other night and pulled some miner's lettuce right out of her backyard to complete it. Each day we've driven up a windy road lined with redwoods to get to a recording studio hidden in the green trees. We got a lot done in the last two days, including modifying the last verse of this older song of mine, which makes it a new song (it feels new now!) and a co-write.

Last night it rained all night and I slept so sound. This song is the fourth of thirty, 13.33%. I hope there is more coming. It's all beginning to flow more easily. I can't wait to see the rocky mountains this summer on tour. But for today, I'm content with the redwoods and the rain, the friends and good coffee...some writing, some yoga and computer work...

I have to move a mountain
by tomorrow night
And I don't feel ready
My shoes fit too tight
The heat here doesn't work
You're still here so is all the hurt

And I cannot move mountains
But they cannot move me
The age-old fight I'm fierce and bright
I'm working working to find out what we need

I'll have to climb the mountain
I can't move it all at once
But I can climb and I can find a mine
Go deep for the treasure I am seeking

I'm climbing up the mountain
On my own two feet
I'm here right now on trembling knees
I'm working working to find out what we need
I'm working working to follow where you lead

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